Technology-led innovation

Dedicated to the innovation of pumped storage in South Africa and beyond.

The Project

A potential energy behemoth that can solve South Africa’s energy crisis.
Ambitious, unprecedented and large enough to provide 968GWh per day to the SA base load.

R&D Projects

Mapping a path to renewables baseload:
Machine learning
Wind resource database and visualization
Solar resource tool from landsat vs ground data


Wolmaransstad Survey Solutions (Pty) Ltd’s mission is to enable pumped hydroelectric storage to become the dominant form of utility-scale energy storage the world over.

In an innovative twist, we plan to incorporate large scale solar and wind energy to further capitalise on Southern Africa’s energy mix potential.

The key difference between our approach and traditional pumped storage is the use of sea water close to desert coastline when wind speeds are greatest and solar irradiation is at its highest. 

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